Acacia Witchcraft & Wiccan Supplies by The Potion Lady

Consecration, Purity, Peace, Spiritual Assistance
Acacia Candle by The Potion Lady
Acacia Candle by The Potion Lady

Acacia Soap
 Acacia has long been regarded as holy, as it is mentioned in the Bible for sacred uses.  It has been used to dress altars, altar cloths, candles and incense burners.   It has been used in holy anointing oils for the body prior to entering sacred or holy places, and prior to prayer.  Add these products to your ritual space, use after floor washings or spiritual bathing.

Acacia products are typically used for 
Acacia Oil
promoting peace, purity, meditation and spiritual enlightenment, to attract spirit guides, and to enhance clairvoyance and psychic abilities.  Place an Acacia candle on your ancestor altar, and use these products in rituals requiring assistance from the spirits, or to stimulate your psychic centers.  May also be used as an aid for general protection.

~ Scent:  A complex blend of purple florals, wild mountain berries, musk and a whisper of spice.

~ Used for:  Contacting and petitioning Spirits for assistance, as an altar offering, meditation, spiritual enlightenment