Van Van Witchcraft and Conjure Supplies

Van Van Witchcraft & Conjure Supplies
Change Your Luck, Unblock and Cleanse Your Path
Lemongrass, Pyrite
 The Potion Lady's Van Van is a familiar formula.  There is some debate over the formulation of "true" Van Van formulations.  However, there are - at it's root - certain vital components that must be included in all Van Van formulas.  Those components are at the heart of my Van Van formula. 
Classic Lemongrass Essential is the focus, swirled with hints of spices and herbs designed to encompass the full flexibility of this oil.

~ Used for:  Rituals to clear up conditions that are blocking you from progressing in your life, change bad luck into good, cleanse away any evil that may be clinging to you.  Use in your rituals to charge your charms and amulets with power, and to "feed" your mojo bag.  An excellent additive to bath water and floorwashing water.

~ Use with:

  • Spell Breaker - to clear away evil influences and bad luck caused by malevolent spells
  • Banishing - to get rid of negative people and energy
  • Crossing - To "clean up" residual energy after doing any Crossing work
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