Uncrossing Spell Casting & Witchcraft Supplies by The Potion Lady

Uncrossing Formula - End Crossed Conditions and Bad Luck

~ Scent: A complex and comforting blend of vanilla bean and warm sandalwood, with hints of sweet black cherries and white florals. Lush and soothing.

~ Used for: Ending crossed conditions and bad luck, neutralizing the effects of enemy work. Includes ethically wildharvested Black Haw Root Bark ("Devil's Shoestring" bark - reversing, protection), certified organic Patchouli Leaf (jinx breaking) and a broken chain symbolizing curse- and hex-breaking.

~ Use with:

  • Banishing - rid yourself of negative energy and people 
  • Van Van - for clearing away evil and changing bad luck to good
  • Fiery Wall Of Protection - to seal your Uncrossing work and to repel evil and protect against spiritual attacks
  • Fear Not To Walk Over Evil - to protect against spiritual messes
  • Wormwood - call on helpful and protective spirits in your Uncrossing work
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