Road Opener Spiritual Supplies (Abre Camino, Palo Abre Camino) by The Potion Lady

Road Opener Spiritual Supplies (Abre Camino, Palo Abre Camino) by The Potion LadyRoad Opener
Clear Away Obstacles, Open The Way, Unblocking

~ Used for: Clearing away old conditions that are keeping you from progressing in life, opening the way to new opportunities and beginnings

~ Scent: One of my absolute favorites - Pineapple Sage essence, infused with Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood and Guaiacwood
Essentials - it's fresh and clean and sparkling.

The Potion Lady's Road Opener Spiritual Supplies are included in the Uncrossing, Unjinxing, Unblocking and Reversing category.  Removing a curse doesn't necessarily make everything all better - you might find yourself feeling stuck, repeating the same old cycles and unable to move forward.   Road Opener Supplies are meant to break up blockages, to energize and revitalize, to open up new opportunities and facilitate new beginnings.

Many spiritual workers who make Road Opener supplies state that they 'MUST' include the Abre Camino plant.   I'm not an adherent of that particular philosophy, I think magick only grows more potent with creativity (that's another story) - besides, there are a few differences when describing what, exactly, the Abre Camino plant is.   Some say it's Trichilia havanensis, some say Eupatorium villosum, and others say Koanophyllon villosum.  There are far more contradictions than correspondences.

T. havanensis is a shrub found in Cuba and Jamaica, with a very few specimens found in the Cayman Islands. Every reference I've found to T. havanensis points back to Abre Camino. E. villosum is the original botanical name for K. villosum, and is the most widely referenced plant labelled as "Abre Camino".  This plant can be found in Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and parts of south Florida. Some sources list these plants as threatened or endangered, while others list the status as "secure".  I have yet to find an "official" current status.

I prefer to stay away from plants that are in a potentially threatened status, and since I don't have a reputable source for it, The Potion Lady's Road Opener Spiritual Supplies do NOT include any version of Abre Camino.   I'm not interested in contributing to the decline of yet another species, and there are plenty of substitutes that are just as suitable and powerful.

The Potion Lady's Road Opener Spiritual Supplies include Lemon Balm and Clary Sage, both of which are wonderful for "unsticking" your life and allowing energy to flow.

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