King Solomon Wisdom Witchcraft Supplies
The Potion Lady's King Solomon Wisdom Witchcraft Supplies contain genuine Solomon's Seal Root and White Sage, which are premiere ingredients in formulas aimed at improving mental acuity, achieving excellence in studies and academics, improving leadership qualities and enabling one to make wise decisions. Additionally, White Sage is said to dispel evil and Solomon's Seal Root is said to confer protection as well as bring success to endeavors. Other ingredients include herbs for clarity and for clearing away muddled thinking.

King Solomon Wisdom Candles by The Potion LadyUse King Solomon Wisdom Spiritual Supplies whenever you are studying for a test, or when you have a chance to demonstrate leadership abilities on the job. If you are faced with a big decision, burn a King Solomon Wisdom candle in front of a mirror while scrying for advice or answers. For an even bigger boost, dress this candle with Crown Of Success Oil and sprinkle with herbs or powders appropriate for your particular circumstances (love, money, etc.).

The Potion Lady's King Solomon Wisdom Witchcraft and Hoodoo Supplies may be found at The Potion Lady on Etsy and at The Potion Lady's Shop.

~ Use with:

  • Confusion - cause confusion among those who would seek to "do you in". 

The Potion Lady's King Solomon Wisdom Supplies may be found at The Potion Lady's Shop.