Court Case Spiritual & Spell Casting Supplies

Court Case Candles by The Potion Lady

The Court Case Formula has long been used by people to obtain justice in legal matters and to facilitate a favorable outcome in a court of law.
The Potion Lady's Court Case Formula includes herbal components such as Little John Root, Cascara Sagrada and Oregano, which are said to be lucky in court and legal matters, and to keep certain individuals from meddling into your business.

A lot of people carry a Court Case mojo with them when they encounter these types of problems in their lives. Some burn Court Case candles and Court Case incense daily until their legal issues are resolved. They dust legal documents and court papers with Court Case powder, dress them with Court Case oil and also smudge or smoke them with Court Case incense or smudging blends. It's also common for people to chew some Little John Root and spit some juice into the path where the judge will walk. Or, spit into their own hands and "dress" courtroom furniture with it. Gross, but it's said to work, so there it is.

Court Case Candles by The Potion Lady
Sweetening spells are for "sweetening" the judge and/or jury to favor your case over your opponents. A simple sweetening spell might consist of burying a name paper with the judge's name on it in a jar of sugar. A more complicated spell might include getting a picture of the judge and writing your petition on the back of it. Place the picture in a jar full of honey, and for a certain number of days and/or nights (or planetary hours, or other magical timing) you might burn a Court Case candle dressed with Court Case oil and/or powder on the lid of the honey jar.
Court Case Bath Crystals and washes are also popular items for dealing with legal matters. You can dissolve the bath crystals for a pouring bath, or you can add the water with the dissolved crystals to the rinse cycle of the clothing you'll be wearing to court (especially the socks). Smudging yourself and your court outfit with Court Case incense is also said to aid your cause.

Court Case Spiritual & Spell Casting Supplies by The Potion LadyThere are many ways to employ this formula. Just remember that if you use powders on papers, shake them off WELL. Do *not* submit your court papers with "suspicious" powders on them! When dressing papers with oils, remember just to very lightly dab the edges. You do not want sloppy-looking oil stains on your court papers. And air out after smudging with incense - you don't want to go into a courtroom smelling like you just ... well, you don't want to smell funky. ;)

The Potion Lady's Court Case Spiritual & Spell Casting Supplies may be found at The Potion Lady on Etsy and at The Potion Lady's Shop.

~ Use with:

  • Confusion - cause confusion among those who would seek to "do you in". 
The Potion Lady's Court Case Spiritual & Spell Casting Supplies may be found at The Potion Lady's Shop.