Chuparosa Spiritual & Conjure Supplies

Chuparosa Spiritual & Conjure Supplies - Encourage Love, True Love, Lasting Love
 Includes certified organic Red Rose Petals (love, romance), organic Jasmine Flower (love-enhancing), organic Honeysuckle Blossoms (love bonds) and other components to
encourage a true, lasting and sweet love with your current lover or someone you've had your eye on.

~Scent: An intoxicating blend of red roses, sweet jasmine, and wild honeysuckle blossoms drenched in mountain wildflower honey.

~ Used for: Drawing a lover closer, winning the heart of a desired lover, sweet love, true love, lasting love

~ Use with:
  • Attraction - for added drawing power
  • Come To Me - for drawing a lover of the opposite sex
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