Banishing Spiritual & Spell Casting Supplies by The Potion Lady

Rid Yourself Of Bothersome People And Unwanted Conditions

Banishing Candle - Crown Of Glory Candles by The Potion Lady

~ Scent: Sweet ripe fruits drenched in brown sugar, accented with musk.  Rich and dark and amazingly wonderful!

~ Used for: Stop someone from bothering you, banish unwanted conditions, get rid of pests

~ Use with:
  • Fiery Wall Of Protection - use after your Banishing rituals to repel evil and protect against spiritual attacks 
  • Van Van - use with Banishing for clearing away evil and changing bad luck to good 
  • Uncrossing - use with Banishing to end crossed conditions and bad luck 
  • Fear Not To Walk Over Evil - use with Banishing to protect against spiritual messes 
  • Wormwood - use with Banishing to call on helpful and protective spirits to aid in getting rid of negativity and "astral nasties"
  •  Hot Foot - use with Banishing to get rid of someone quick
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