Attraction Spiritual Supplies by The Potion Lady

Attraction Spiritual Supplies
Money, Luck, Love, Success and Rituals to Draw All Manner of Good Things To You

Attraction Spiritual Supplies by The Potion Lady

~ Scent: Earthy amber and Asian spices, blended with creamy vanilla, florals and musks.

~ Used for:  Attracting love, luck, money, happiness, friendship, and more. It can be used by itself or it can be used to enhance other types of spell crafting and rituals.  Herbally charged with organic, fair trade, kosher Cinnamon Chips (good luck in business, gambling), genuine Lodestone sand (attraction) and organic, kosher Red Rose Petals (good luck in love).

~ Use with:

  • Come To Me Candle - extra drawing power, draw luck
  • Chuparosa Oil - more powerful attraction
  • Sugar Daddy Oil - extra drawing power
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