Casting Without A Mold: Smudging - Just For Cleansing?

Casting Without A Mold:  Smudging

Smudging is the act of charging a magickal space or item with the power of intent-infused smoke (or mist or diffused oils, etc).  The most common act of smudging is the use of a smoldering sage-wand, taking it from room to room in an effort to disburse negative energies, and to purify and consecrate sacred space.  However, smudging can also be used very effectively in spell casting and magickal workings, much like dressing with powders and oils.  Power objects, candles and spell casting materials can be smudged with intent-infused smoke to give them a "boost".  

Let's say you are doing spell work for drawing money.  Take a $20, $50 or $100 bill and smudge it with Money-Drawing, Wealthy Way or Cash Come My Way blends.  Use this charged bill as part of your spell work for bringing more money.  You can likewise charge the tools, oils, candles and whatever else you are using in your spell, as well as smudging your working space with it.

If you're doing any sort of offensive work, such as Black Arts or Controlling, you can smudge your figural candles and personal objects with those blends - just smudge yourself and your space with Van Van or Purification when you're finished to clear out any lingering "oogies".

Misting is becoming increasingly popular in spell casting, as an alternative to filling your space with smoke.  Smudge smoke spreads out, mist is quite a bit easier to direct.  I haven't noticed any difference between smudging my space and misting my space.  It's a little different with objects, since it is liquid/oil.  Fine misters are pretty good at keeping the moisture under control, but I still wouldn't mist anything that could be damaged by moisture, or that might slip out of your hand if it gets a little wet. 

Casting Without A Mold:  Semi-Unconventional Tips and Tricks for Casting Spells and Hurling Curses