How To Use The Potion Lady’s Spiritual Candles

Sixth Sense Crown Of Glory Spell Candles by The Potion Lady
Sixth Sense
Crown Of Glory Candle
The Potion Lady’s Spiritual Candles are beautiful additions to your altar, and powerful aids to your spell work.
Spiritual candles are often “dressed” and/or “loaded”.  Dressing a candle may consist of rubbing oil onto the wax while praying over it and infusing it with your desires.  Oil is rubbed from the center of the candle toward the base, and from the center of the candle toward the tip.  Alternately, you may simply rub the oil toward you to draw in desired conditions, or rub the oil away from you to repel that which is unwanted.  Candles may also be dressed or dusted with powder, which consists of simply sprinkling the powder over the candle.

Loading a candle is done by placing herbs, oils, curios, papers or other items into a small pocket in the base of the candle.  Carefully carve a small pocket in the base of the candle.  It only needs to be large enough to accommodate the item which you will be loading into the candle.  Place your item into the pocket, say a prayer or petition for your desires, and then seal the pocket with beeswax.  You may use a plug of softened beeswax, or drip beeswax from a burning candle into the pocket to seal it.

The Potion Lady’s Spiritual Candles are already brimming with our very own Infusions of Intent and Spiritual Philtres, and dressing or loading them only makes them that much more powerful. 

Sigils, names and petitions may be carved into The Potion Lady's candles with the tip of a knife or even with the nib of a pen.  Hash marks for timed burning may similarly be easily carved, or straight pins for marking may be stuck into the wax.

Some of The Potion Lady's Spiritual Candles contain actual herbal material, powders and other curios that may ignite or be released from the wax when burning.  Released items may be too hot to handle safely.  Please be aware that candles infused with plant and/or mineral components or other curios can (and do!) flare up, and that they may fall away (ignited, hot, etc.) as the candle burns.  Herbs and other curios infused in the wax can sometimes cause air pockets to form within the candle.  A second pouring of wax usually fills them, however, there is always a slight possibility of candle collapse (as with ANY hand-poured candle).  Please be aware and, again, never leave them unattended.


Remove talismans, ribbons or other flammable accents or labels before burning.  Always burn in a fire-safe, heat-safe container and  away from combustibles.  Never leave burning materials unattended.  Also, some candle dyes do stain fabrics, surfaces and skin – please keep that in mind.

Sometimes, spellwork requires long burning times.  When working these kinds of candle spells, additional precautions are never a bad idea.  Pets and children sometimes find themselves drawn to the flickering of a candle flame – please make sure your candles are out of their reach.  Some suggestions for fire-safety:
  • Metal or glass cake pans and cookie sheets are great for catching drips, flaming herbs, hot pins, etc. as they drop from your burning candle.  You can even fill them with a small amount of water to douse/cool anything that drops.
  •   Set your candle holders directly into a dish of sand, salt, dirt, etc. for added stability.
  • Tapers and pillars may tip over or even collapse as they burn.  Consider burning your candles on a cookie sheet set in a bathtub filled with a small amount of water.  A traditional (not electric or gas) fireplace is a good choice if you’re worried about the stability of your candles, or about flaming/hot components.  I’ve even heard of people burning their candles in their ovens (I haven’t done so myself, so I can’t make any recommendations for oven-burning!).
·         Please review full advisories prior to purchase or use.