How To Use The Potion Lady’s Spiritual Bath Crystals, Herbal Baths and Liquid Baths

Herbal Bath Crystal Blends
The Potion Lady’s Spiritual Bath Crystals are a blend of pure essentials, natural herbs and minerals and luxurious fragrances in a base of genuine Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts, and other skin softening and cleansing constituents.  

Almost all forms of these Spiritual Baths – crystal, herbal, liquid – contain elements that are herbal and meant to be diluted prior to use, or brewed into a tea-like potion prior to bathing.  Fill a medium-sized pan with water and bring to a boil on your stove.  Add the bath blend to the boiling water, turn off the stove, and cover.  Let steep until the water has cooled to a skin-safe temperature.  Strain the herbal material from the potion.

Determine whether you will be using the pouring method or sitting method of bathing.  The sitting method simply involves sitting in a bathtub of comfortable water.  The pouring method is a standing-and-pouring bath - a little more involved, but the traditional method of American Folk Magic and Hoodoo.

If you will be using the sitting method of bathing, you will simply add your strained potion directly into your bathtub of water (all at a skin-safe and comfortable temperature, of course).  Your tub of bathwater becomes a specially prepared bathing potion.

If you will be using the pouring method, then you will need to dilute your potion in about a gallon container of water (again, at a skin-safe and comfortable temperature).  This dilution becomes your specially prepared bathing potion.  I find that using an emptied plastic milk jug for your bathing potion is the most convenient.  You may use whatever container you choose, as long as you will be able to safely and comfortably hold and pour from the container with one hand, while sluicing the water along your body with the other hand.

My personal recommendation is the pouring method, as it allows for more focus on the rite, rather than the inevitable mental drifting that comes with a sitting bath.  The methods of sluicing as described below are typical for a pouring bath, and should be employed at some point during a sitting bath as well.  If you are disabled or unable to stand comfortably long enough to perform the pouring bath, you may sit in an empty tub and employ the pouring method – or, have a trusted companion pour and sluice for you.

Whether you are sitting or standing, the prepared bathing potion is sluiced or splashed along the body in a specifically prescribed manner.  As you pour with one hand, the other hand is sluicing the water.  If you are bathing to draw in wanted conditions and influences, such as blessings, good luck, new love, etc., your sluicing motions will be in an upward motion.  If you are bathing to remove unwanted conditions and influences (uncrossing, bad luck, blockages, etc.), then your sluicing motions would be in a downward motion. 

For drawing, you will start at the feet and work your way upward to your neck or head.  Bathe in sections – with one hand, slowly pour the bathing potion in small amounts over a section, the legs for example, while sluicing the bath potion upward along the body with the other hand.  Do this until all of the bathing potion has been used.

For expelling or removing, you will start at the neck or head and work your way downward to the soles of your feet.  Again, bathe in sections as described above, except sluice the bath potion along the body in a downward motion, removing the undesired conditions and influences with it.  A special motion for uncrossing, unjinxing and uncursing involves pouring first from the neck or head down, and then setting your container aside and using both hands.  Place the left hand on the right shoulder and the right hand on the left shoulder.  Sluice the bathing potion off of your body in a downward stroke of both arms together, “uncrossing” them as you wish to be uncrossed.

During the act of ritual bathing, it is traditional to pray for your desires.  Psalms are the most traditional, but other prayers, poems or words made up on the spot are all acceptable as long as they express what it is that you wish to attain.

The act of ritual bathing transforms your bathing potion into a sort of “ritual tool”.  Once used, it contains a certain amount of you – your essence, spirit, person (or whatever you prefer to name it), your prayers and petitions.  You will need to retain a small amount of this liquid to be disposed of ritually (and possibly set aside for further spellwork).  Place a small container in your bathing area in such a manner as to catch some of the liquid as it runs off of your body.  (If you are sitting in a tub of water, you may scoop a small amount of used water when you leave the tub. ) 

After you have finished with your bathing, it is important to air dry and NOT towel off.  Toweling off will simply wipe off the magic you have just created.  Once you’ve dried, you might want to consider finishing off by “dressing” your body with spiritual oil or powder.  It both boosts and seals the work, and brings an element of satisfied completion to the rite.  After finishing up, dress in freshly-washed clean clothes (see below for a preparation suggestion) and move on to the disposal phase.

Ritual disposal of bath water may be done several ways, depending on your desires and the goal of the bathing rite itself.  The most common method of disposal is to carry the container of retained bath water outside into your yard, say a simple prayer over it, and then toss the water out toward the East.  (Note:  these types of baths were traditionally performed before sunrise, and then the water disposed of as the sun came up.  However, in our busy modern world, this practice has become impractical and has largely fallen out of use.)  This method of disposal is usually reserved for water from baths aimed at drawing in desirable conditions.  If your bath was to remove or expel unwanted conditions and influences, then the better method would be to carry the container of retained bath water to a crossroads, turn your back toward the East, then heave – not just toss, but really heave – the water out over your left shoulder (or under your left arm), and walk away without speaking or looking back.  (This may also be done in your yard, but I’m not really in favor of leaving bath water laced with negativity near my home.)  Negatively charged bath water may also be disposed of by throwing it toward a tree (this won’t hurt a strong healthy tree).

After your rite has been fully completed, try to avoid physical contact with others for the rest of the day.

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A few suggestions that you may find helpful:
  •  Your bathing potion may be brewed ahead of time and refrigerated.  It may also be brewed ahead of time, for a longer amount of time, giving you a more concentrated bathing potion which may then be frozen in an ice cube tray.  This is great for baths which may be taken over a series of days.
  • Brew your bathing potion ahead of time and use a small amount to prepare the clothing you will put on after your bath.  Add a small amount to your laundry rinse cycle, or use it to spritz your clothing* after it has been washed and dried.
  • Boost the power of your bathing potion by brewing according to astrological timing, planetary hours, specific days, etc.
  • It is not necessary to wet your hair during the bathing ritual, if you’ve gotten your hair done or are concerned about damaging your hair.  Simply stop pouring  at the neck.
  • These baths are not for soaping up.  Leave the regular soap for your regular baths.  Specialty Spiritual Soaps may also be found at The Potion Lady's Shop.