How To Use The Potion Lady’s Ritual And Perfume Oils

Ritual, Wiccan, Pagan, Witchcraft Oil
Shield Of Light Oil
 Oils have been used for thousands of years by many cultures and religions for ritual and occult purposes.  They are used for healing, consecration, protection, to induce psychic visions, to honor Spirits and Deities, to draw love, luck and money, to repel evil and turn back curses and the Evil Eye.

Van Van Oil
Van Van Oil
There are several different types or “classifications” of oils, depending on their uses – and, depending on the person doing the classifying.  What one person refers to as a “ritual” oil may be referred to as an “anointing” oil by another.  It largely depends on each person’s background in Spiritual Work or Pagan Traditions.  The Potion Lady’s Ritual and Perfume Oils are meant for use in Pagan rituals, and in magical and Occult practices.  Most are prepared at skin-safe dilutions, but some are not.  Always feel free to ask me about my oils!

"Anointing" usually refers to the application of ritual oils to the body, but may also refer to the application of ritual oils to objects.  Most ritual anointing only requires a dab to a particular part of the body or on an object, but there may be some that call for the oil to be smeared or poured.  When anointing an object to attract or draw in positive vibrations and energies, the object is held in one hand while the oil is rubbed on the object in an inward motion, toward you.  When anointing an object to dispel negative vibrations and energies, the oil is rubbed in an outward motion, away from you.  Anointing the body may be done similarly, in that positive vibrations are drawn toward you by rubbing the oil along the body in an upward motion, starting at the feet and moving toward the head.  Negative vibrations are dispelled by rubbing the oil along the body in a downward motion, starting at the head and moving toward the feet.  Anointing may also be performed by dabbing individual body parts, such as the chakras.  Anointing may also be accompanied with appropriate words, music or ritual motions.

"Dressing" usually refers to the application of oils to objects, occasionally refers to the application of oils to the body.  The manner of dressing the body is done in the same manner as noted above (head to foot for expelling, foot to head for drawing), with the exception of a few specific oils and certain body parts.  The genitals may be dressed with certain oils, such as those for keeping your lover close, or drawing a lover to you – front to back for the ladies, tip to base for the men; and the reverse motion for getting rid of someone you no longer wish to be with.  There are also oils, such as healing, wisdom and related oils, which are used to anoint the head only.  Usually, the concave at the base of the skull is dressed with these types of oils, but sometimes they are used along the brow and temples as well.  Dressing (or “fixing”) objects employs similar toward=drawing, away=expelling motions.  There is one method for dressing candles that is specific to candles only.  Hold the candle horizontally at mid-point and drizzle some dressing oil on it.  Rub the oil from the center of the candle toward the ends; that is, from center to tip and from center to butt.  Dressing name papers with these oils is also quite common.  The paper is typically dressed by dabbing oil in the four corners, in order, with a fifth dab in the center, creating a five-spot or “quincunx” pattern.  The order is upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right, center.  One of my favorite ways of using dressing oils, especially when dealing with intractable personalities, is to dress my own hands with the desired oil and then touching that person, or handling something that they will certainly handle after me.

Offerings – when using oil as an altar offering, you may pour the oil into a special dish and leave it on your altar, or simply uncork the bottle and leave it open.  It’s always beneficial to dedicate an offering oil before presenting it to your favored Spirit or Deity.

Keep in mind that oils will "tell on you" if you use them too liberally.  Be mindful of staining papers and fabrics, and leaving slick spots on hard surfaces.  

In addition to these uses, oils may be added to baths and washes, to incenses, massage oils, used as bottle spells, and even combined for delivering one hell of a spiritual wallop.  Let your own creativity and intuition guide you.