How To Use The Potion Lady’s Smudging Blends

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Smudging Blends
The Potion Lady
The Potion Lady’s Smudging Blends are made from pure essentials, herbs and spices, resins and lush, luxuriant, exotic fragrances. 

Our Smudging Blends are meant to be burned on self-lighting charcoal rounds or bricks that are typically found in tobacco shops for use in hookahs (do *not* use barbecue charcoal).  

When burning the herbal incense, the charcoal is lit and placed in a heat-safe container away from combustibles.  (I have several, one of which is a flower pot half filled with soil, with a flat rock placed on top of the soil. I place the charcoal round directly on the flat rock for burning.) When the charcoal is “grayed” with a layer of fine ash on the outside of it, then it is ready for the incense.  The herbal form – flowers, leaves, berries, roots – is placed in small pinches directly onto the burning charcoal.  Add as much as you like.  The charcoal typically burns for about an hour.

Spiritual incenses have been used for thousands of years for setting up specific atmospheric conditions for religious rites and for spellwork.  Certain scents are said to create or amplify spiritual vibrations or to attract spiritual energies.  Specific herbs are attuned to specific energies – Lavender for Love and Peace, Acacia for working directly with Spirits, Sage for Cleansing and Purification.  As the smoke rises from your incense burner, run your spiritual tools through it to gain the vibrational energies and influences; you may also fan the smoke across the body for the same purpose.  Sometimes, just sitting quietly while the incense burns, I can actually feel those influences and Spirits as they gather around me.

The Potion Lady's Smudging Blends and Spiritual Cones may be found at The Potion Lady's Shop.

Please remember to ventilate your area and never leave burning materials unattended.  Please review The Potion Lady’s advisory page prior to purchase or use.