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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Crown Of Success Formula

The Potion Lady's Crown Of Success Formula is designed to be used by those seeking recognition and advancement in career and school.

The components of this formula are reputed to promote clear thinking and steady focus, to help you execute plans successfully, to emphasize competence and confidence, and make you shine. Your achievements will stand out. Your steadiness and reliability are evident to your superiors. Your speech becomes more eloquent and confident. You are, essentially, the "golden boy/girl".

When applying for a new job or vying for a promotion, dress your resume' or job application with Crown Of Success Powder or Oil to make it stand out among others. Burn a Crown Of Success Candle dressed with Powder or Oil on top of your professor's picture or name paper when you want to be recognized for your efforts in school. Smoke yourself with Crown Of Success Incense after bathing with Crown Of Success Bath Crystals before interviews, tests and meetings. If you're telecommuting to school or work, keep a Crown Of Success Candle burning near your workspace.

Remember - all the powders, incenses, oils and candles in the world will not mask laziness and incompetence. If you are failing at your job or at school because you aren't doing your work, spellwork is not going to fix it. This spellwork is aimed at highlighting your qualities, not hiding your flaws.

The Potion Lady's Crown Of Success Formula may be found at The Potion Lady on Etsy.

The Potion Lady - owners, associates, anyone connected with The Potion Lady in any way - will not be held responsible for any results (or the lack thereof) of any item purchased here on Etsy or anywhere else. Buyer/user is solely responsible for ALL effects, adverse or otherwise. I cannot make any claims or guarantees as to the efficacy of spells, services or any products. I cannot make claims of supernatural or therapeutic effects or powers of any of the services or items listed. Lore, suggested uses and alleged magical powers are just that - lore, suggestions and allegations. All products and items are sold for their value as curios ONLY. Should you choose to employ any items for any other purpose, you do so at your own risk. Purchase of any items from The Potion Lady signifies buyers' acknowledgment and acceptance of all terms and conditions, and releases The Potion Lady from any and all liability.

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